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Selekt Rolites, Case of 12

Selekt Rolites, Case of 12

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For dehydrated cows and ewes. A formulation of dextrose and electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium, specifically designed for adult ruminants.

Key Points
• Alkalosis, hypochloremia, hypokalemia and hyponatremia are commonly seen in
severely dehydrated cattle, and are associated with mortality.
• Sodium is included in SELEKT ROLITES to retain water in the extracellular-fluid
• Alkalosis is the more common acid-base disturbance observed in dehydrated cows.
SELEKT ROLITES contains sodium chloride to correct chloride-depletion alkalosis.
• Potassium chloride is included to correct hypokalemia and help correct alkalosis.
• Calcium and magnesium are included at physiological concentrations to prevent further
dilution of these electrolytes in the rehydrated cow.
• Dextrose (glucose) is included to make it palatable. After rapid rehydration by pump-drenching, rehydration can be continued by allowing the cow to drink a solution of
SELEKT ROLITES of her own accord.

**Case of 12**

For best results use with our Selekt Pump, Drencher, Collector as well as our Mini Drencher!

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