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Selekt Glycerol, Case of 6

Selekt Glycerol, Case of 6

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Rapidly glycogenic formulation for reduction of the risk of ketosis in dairy cows and twin-lamb disease in ewes. Also for ketosis recuperation. Contains glycerol and propylene glycol for a quick and sustained effect on blood-glucose concentration.

• SELEKT Glycerol contains two sources of energy to utilize two different glycogenic
pathways :  propylene glycol gives a sustained release of energy, and glycerol, which has a similar calorific value to propylene glycol but is much less toxic, provides a rapid release of energy.
• SELEKT Glycerol contains yeast, the constituents of which stimulate the growth of
bacteria that utilize lactate and digest cellulose.
• A single one-liter dose of SELEKT Glycerol given in 10 liters of water is usually
sufficient to resolve the clinical signs of ketosis.
• It is important to give SELEKT Glycerol in water because it has been shown that
glycerol is glycogenic only when given in water. Administering water is also beneficial as
a ketotic cow will be dehydrated.

 * Case of 6* 

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