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Milk Taxi 4.0
Milk Taxi 4.0

Milk Taxi 4.0

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Diamond City Farm Supply is proud to carry the Holm and Laue Milk Taxi 4.0!

The Milk Taxi is an all-in-one pasteurizer and milk dispensing machine that heats, stores, cools, pasteurizes and mixes milk replacer. 

Our power-drive equipped Milk Taxi units transports milk easily to your calves, saving you significant time and effort. 

We currently carry two models:

Milk Taxi 150 (150 liters/39.5 Gallons) and

Milk Taxi 260 (260 liters/68.75 Gallons)

Both models we carry come equipped with the following options:

  • Smart Mix System (mixing calculator for milk replacers)
  • LED drive lighting
  • High Torque Milk mixer and agitator installed (250W)
  • High Capacity Milk pump (40L/min)
  • Forward and Reverse power drive system
  • Semi automatic cleaning
  • Checkvalve on milk dispenser
  • Electronic remote handle
  • Control drive unit remotely from dispensing handle
  • Storage box attachment
  • Flush master system