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Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket
Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket
Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket
Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket
Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket
Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket
Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket

Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket

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Now available in Canada!

Efficiently match the natural eating behaviour of your animals and easily customise feeding of different groups of animals.

This is possible with the SIEPLO mix-dosing bucket.

From now on you can mill, mix, weigh and dose without dismounting from your tractor, forklift or loader.

The vertical mixing system ensures an aerated and homogeneous feed mixture. Thanks to the accurate weighing system and the large dosing valve, you can also unload very precisely and quickly on both sides of the Sieplo bucket.

Features Include:

• Made entirely of stainless steel

• Suitable for grass, maize, straw, hay, alfalfa, etc.

• Two-sided discharge, freely adjustable dosing amount

• Short mixing time due to unique mixing form

• Low fuel consumption due to unique mixing system and efficient hydraulic system

• Protected cylinders and dosing slides prevent spillage and damage

• Robust design and smooth finish

• Available for tractors, loaders and forklifts

• Supplied with the SIEPLO Smart Control Unit

• 1 double-acting hydraulic function required

Do you want to efficiently feed your calves, cows, bulls or goats with raw feed?

Then the SIEPLO mix-dosing bucket with its vertical mixing auger is the ideal solution.

With one machine, you can extract raw feed from the pit and then mix, weigh and dose it.

At SIEPLO, quality and sustainability are high on the agenda. The SIEPLO mix-dosing bucket is made entirely of stainless steel. That means it is not just extremely wear-proof, sustainable and resistant to acids, but also lighter. It also means that you can get the most out of the lifting capacity of your loader or tractor and can load more raw feed.

The vertical mixing system creates a light and homogeneous mixture. The SIEPLO mix-dosing bucket is also at the top of the class as far as weighing and dosing are concerned. While you are driving your loader or tractor, the bucket weighs the dosage amounts with unprecedented precision.

Sieplo Mix-Dosing Bucket Canada