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Emily Vulcano trailed bale spreader
Emily Vulcano trailed bale spreader
Emily Vulcano trailed bale spreader
Emily Vulcano trailed bale spreader
Emily Vulcano trailed bale spreader

Emily Vulcano trailed bale spreader

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The Vulcano spreads from 5 up to 12 meters. Type of bales: square bales (1.2 X (0.7/0.9/1.2) X 2.5 M) and round bales up to 1.80m. It fits to any machinery handlers with a towing coupler (tractor, compact tractor >40 HP with 30L/min hydraulic oil flow minimum and also telehandlers).

How It Works


The bale is loaded by a machinery handler. Then the operator climbs on the running board and cuts the bindings (net/twine) to remove them effortlessly thanks to the X-TRACT Patented Hydraulic Extractor (patented option).


When the operator activates the double acting spool distributor in the bedding direction, the conveyor motors, rotors, and discs start running.The main rotor rotates at high speed to separate perfectly the bale before feeding the discs. The top rotor with its low speed rotation regulates the quantity of straw separated and also makes it easier to unroll round bales. The discs then blow straw out on either side of the machine. The Emily exclusivity lies in the ability of the straw spreader to use all types of bale and to adjust the bedding width thanks to quick and easy settings.

X-tract System

Patented by Emily the X-Tract system uses an extractor roller to multiply the pulling power to remove effortlessly the nets/ bindings. A long running board  ensures a safe work for the end-user. After winding the nets or the bindings around the roller, the end-user operates a pedal to make rotate the roller. A slight tension enables to extract the most unwilling nets and bindings! Untie with the X-Tract System within 15 seconds.

Standard Equipment

  • Coupling bar (CAT2)
  • Monocoque chassis and body with a flat chain conveyor belt
  • Transmission shaft with a Ø 40mm chain with tensioner bearings
  • Electroproportional adjusting and control box in the cab
  • Square axle 60×60 and large tyres 13.0/55-16
  • Synchronized and floating anti projection hydraulic deflector
  • Inferior helical spreading rotor Ø 580 mm and top spreading rotor Ø 330 mm
  • Pipeline hood with rear deflector and spreading disc support on adjustable rail
  • 2 discs Ø 900 mm, composed of 4 adjustable blades
  • Side blades and adjustable rear deflectors.

Available Options

  • Running board with handrail
  • Patented X-tract System
  • Agility hydraulic power pack

The Emily Advantages

  • Adaptability: Ideal for hen house or any type of loose housing for cattle, sheep, goats.
  • The spreading width can be adjusted from 5 to 12 meters.
  • Safety: a long running board enables the end-user to cut easily the nets and bindings before extracting them.
  • Comfort: the X-Tract Sytem enables the removal of the nets and bindings of all types of bales without any effort.
  • Fast: the X-Tract System unties within 15 seconds.
  • Versatile: The Vulcano Spreader adapts to any type of bedding products, square and round bales, or light products in bulk.
  • Homogeneity and regularity: thanks to the high speed rotor the spreader makes a homogeneous and regular bedding.

Size Options

Weight (kg): 1650