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Emily Delta Bale Unroller
Emily Delta Bale Unroller
Emily Delta Bale Unroller

Emily Delta Bale Unroller

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The Delta Bale Unroller can be used for feeding wrapped bales, hay and straw. Designed for telescopic handler, front loader, front and rear linkage.

How It Works

The bale can be loaded in several ways: stationary or hydraulic loading door. The unrolling is possible thanks to a conveyor chain with adapted teeth. Speed can be adjusted on the unroller itself or from the cab (electric remote control box).

Standard Equipment

  • Conveyor chain driven by a hydraulic motor
  • Oil flow divider for manual adjustment of the belt speed
  • Minimum oil flow needed 40L/min
  • Works with 1 double acting spool
  • Adapted to any bale diameter from 1.00 m to 1.80 m
  • Removable adaptation (telescopic handler, front loader and 3 point hitching)
  • Weight from 700 to 1000 kg

Available Options

  • Electric remote control box in the cab with a conveyor chain speed variator
  • Mechanical or hydraulic rotation
  • Synchronized loading arm
  • Hydraulic offset (+/-300mm)

The Emily Advantages

  • Convenience: optimized offset, compact height, cut out side frame for an excellent visibility from the cab.
  • Easy load system: self loading door with hydraulic telescopic arm for an automatic adjustment to any bale diameter.

Size Options

Weight (kg): From 700 to 1000