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Futuro Calf Health Monitoring System
Futuro Calf Health Monitoring System
Futuro Calf Health Monitoring System
Futuro Calf Health Monitoring System

Futuro Calf Health Monitoring System

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The Calf Monitoring System is used to support calf monitoring of calves in individual housing. The sensors record the movement behavior of the calves 24 hours a day and send this via the gateway to the servers of Futuro Farming GmbH for further evaluation.

An intelligent algorithm recognizes abnormalities in the behavior of the animals, which are typical for incipient diseases.

Depending on the incubation period of the disease, a prediction is possible up to 3 days before the outbreak of the disease.

Please note that the system is only an assistance system and cannot replace a veterinarian.


• Non-Invasive, automized Health Monitoring of calves in individual housing

• Managing diseases and treatments in the app

• Automatic calf detection: the system adds new calves automatically and removes outgoing calves automatically

• Smartphone Instant Notifications to receive alerts as early as possible

• Early Disease Detections in an hourly chart to view the disease risk over time

• Export as csv or excel file and integration into herd management systems


• Early detection of outbreaking diseases

• Information via instant notification on your smartphone

• Documentation for your calf management

• easy and fast installation of sensors

• Each sensor can stay on the calf hutch as long as it lives (4-6 years expected lifetime) and monitor calf after calf. For 6 births per year and calf hutch, one single sensor can monitor up to 36 calves in sequence.


Measurements Sensor: 82 mm x 44 mm x 30 mm = 3.23 inches x 1.73 inches x 1.18 inches Battery: 3V Lithium-Ions
Expected Lifetime Battery: 8-12 Years
Expected Lifetime Sensor on farms: 4-6 Years
Operating Temperatures: –30°C to 50°C = -22°F to 122°F
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% r.h.
Sensor Measurement Range: max. 3-4m = 10-13 feet
Frequency of new sensor data: hourly
Initialization Time: 24h

Measurements Gateway: 241 mm x 180 mm x 95 mm = 9.49 inches x 7.09 inches x 3.74 inches Radio Communication between Sensor-Gateway (NA): 915MHz Band
Power Supply: 5V DC, max. 2.5A current Radio Range Gateway-Sensor:
Radio Range unobstructed view, antenna on heightened position: max. 200m = 650 feet Radio Range through one wall: max. 50m = 160 feet
Radio Range through multiple walls: max. 20m = 65 feet
Metal objects and other radio technology can decrease the radio range.